Lifting Product Repairs and Services

Lifting Product Repairs and Services

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Amick Associates, Inc. was the first Repair Station set up by Columbus McKinnon Corp. back in 1966. CM now has 13 repair stations across the country.

All Sling, Hoist, Clamp, and Beam Repairs

Amick Associates' technicians provide a variety of repair services for cranes, blocks, hoists, slings & clamps.

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Amick Associates, Inc. can provide you and your company rental rigging and lifting equipment on request.

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Custom Fabrication

Amick Associates, Inc.'s certified welders specialize in custom fabrications.

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Sling & Hardware Inspection

Our Field inspectors have over 150 year of rigging gear inspection experience. We inspect all makes and Manufacturers of your rigging.

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Magnetic Particle Inspection

At our Amick Associates, Inc. headquarters or in your facility, we will conduct NDT (Non Destructive Testing) to assist you with your safety inspections.

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Ultrasound Testing

Amick Associates, Inc. offers Ultrasound Testing available to our customers upon request.

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Load Testing

Amick Associates, Inc. offers Load Testing capabilities up to 400,000 lbs., horizontally and vertically

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Rigging & Lifting Consulting

Amick Associates, Inc. has 2 certified inspectors (soon to be 5). Level III Rigging Gear Inspectors/Instructors are available to assist you with your overhead lifting questions and applications.

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Rigging Safety & Training

Amick Associates, Inc. provides Sling Safety Seminars (Planning a Safe Lift) to address your rigging safety and training needs.

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Lifting Device Inspection

Amick Associates, Inc. offers complete B30.20 BTHLD inspection and photo reports to our customers.

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