Lifting Products

Lifting Products

Amick Associates, Inc. manufactures and sells lifting products to many different industries throughout the country.


Amick Associates, Inc. Lifting Beams are ideal for a multitude of applications from low headroom
and high capacity to load leveling and multiple-point.

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Amick Associates, Inc. supplies crane cables and fabricates wire rope assemblies made from general purpose wire rope, rotation resistant wire rope, high performance wire rope, aircraft cable and special coated wire rope. In addition, Amick stocks and splices a variety of soft ropes ranging from manila to polypropylene, as well as high performance soft ropes.

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Lifting Slings

Amick Associates, Inc. manufactures wire rope slings, alloy chain slings, high performance round slings (Powerflex), synthetic web slings, along with a full line of wear pad protection.

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Amick Associates, Inc. fabricates both welded and mechanical chain slings. For welded assemblies that require heat treating, Amick heat treats individual welds/ links of chain rather than performing batch heat treating. Because no chain sling component is heat treated more than once, it allows our customers to repair slings an infinite number of times. Amick proof tests all new and repair chain slings – both welded and mechanical.

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Amick Associates, Inc.'s Electric Chain and Wire Rope, Trolleys Motorized and Push. Manual and Hand Chain. Stocking and Repairs on all Manufacturers.

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Rigging Hardware

Amick Associates, Inc. offers a complete range of rigging hardware such as hoist rings, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, shackles, hooks and blocks, etc.

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Amick Associates, Inc. offers Electro and Permanent Magnets for your special lifting requirements

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Amick Associates, Inc. carries a wide range of popular lifting and plate clamp products. Among these products are lifting plate clamps and fabricated products for vertical and horizontal lifting applications.

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Amick Associates, Inc. offers a wide range of jib crane models and LodeRail systems. Amick also offers preventive maintenance for overhead cranes and OSHA certified inspections.

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Fall Protection (PPE)

Amick Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of fall protection equipment, horizontal lifelines and services such as installs, inspections, and repairs.

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Hands-Free Load Positioners / No Touch Tools

Amick Associates, Inc. is leading the way with their hands free positioning devices. Whether you need a standard tool, or something for a custom application, Amick's commitment to hand safety is unparalleled.

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