ARCR Safer Wall Barrier System Anchor Straps

ARCR Safer Wall Barrier System Anchor Straps

9800 lb per square inch nylon based webbing multi-plyed and enclosed in a double polyester UV protected jacket.
Designed by ARCR for the University of Nebraska to replace the first Cable Anchor Component system lacking the energy absorption required for this special application.

Standard lengths, special lengths or transition straps are available. Cable slings and cable are also available through ARCR. After all, Rigging is Our business.

ARCR/Amick makes the strongest, most durable, UV resistant Anchor Straps available today. Our assemblies are stronger and will last years longer than competitors products that are currently available. Our Product is completely protected from the elements.

Ask our Customers: Phoenix International Raceway, Pocono, Rockingham, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, We're just getting started.

We have the testing to prove it!

Strength and Value, it defines us!

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