Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams

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Amick's custom lifting beams are ideal for a multitude of applications from low headroom
and high capacity to load leveling and multiple-point.


Standard Beams
Low Headroom Beams with Movable Hooks
Optional Higher Lift Hooks
Low Headroom Beams with Fixed Hooks
Optional Roll Hooks


Beams custom fabricated for most overhead lift applications.


Never Handle Below the Hook lifting devices without the use of No-Touch tooling that can be positioned on the lifting device with a magnetized No-Touch tool. Call Today!

Standard Beams

1 Ton to 100 Ton Capacities standard structural and mechanical lifting beams for any application.

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Tandem Two-Hoist Beams

Designed with sufficient lateral stability to prevent web buckling. Load tested to twice rated load capacity. Load turns freely to allow easy shipping or positioning. Hook is pivoted to prevent binding as beam is raised or lowered. Beam can be custom-designed to allow use of two cranes of uneven capacity.

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Multi-Purpose Adjustable Beams

Designed for heavy industrial use. Adjustable lower lift points.
Handles unbalanced loads by adjusting center lift point. Lower and upper shackles included, additional rigging can be added.

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Coil Lifters

Standard, Narrow Aisle, Mill Duty, Structural, Mechanical, and Custom Design.

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Telescoping Sheet Lifters

Telescoping design allows efficient low headroom, low-maintenance sheet handling. Handles sheet bundles, plate, wallboard and plywood. Can be modifed for use with palletized coils, crates and tote boxes. Saves aisle space.

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