Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings

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Amick Associates fabricates mechanical, and hand spliced wire rope slings. Chokers and Multi-leg bridles


Single leg Wire Rope Slings(U-1), Double leg Wire Rope Slings (U-6), Triple leg Wire Rope Slings (U-8), Quad leg Wire Rope Slings (U-9)
All Fabricated complete with hardware (Hooks, Master Links, and Thimbled eyes. Available in Domestic or Import.


Construction, Mining, Industrial Applications


Heat over 400 degrees F

All Amick wire rope slings have a Design Factor of 5 times the Safe Work Load limit required by OSHA. Our sling exceed that requirement. Tell us what you would like...And we will make it for you!

Press Grip Slings

Mechanical Spliced Wire rope Slings

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Grommet Slings

Grommets for special lifting applications

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Hand-Spliced Slings

The "Old Navy Splice" An Amick Tradition!

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Hand-Braided Slings

High Strength, Highly Flexible alternative to a single part Press-Grip Sling

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U-Flex 4 Sling

These U-Flex 4 Slings work well in many applications.

View U-Flex 4 Sling
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