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Amick's Coil Lifters and Upenders come in a variety of styles and sizes, both manual and motorized, for handling a wide range of coil widths.


Vertical Coil Lifters, Tubular C-Hooks, Narrow Aisle Coil Hooks, Telescoping Horizontal Coil Lifters, and Compact C-Hooks.


Heavy duty material handling, paper roll handling, slit coil handling, close stacking C-Hook, pivoting coil C-Hook.


Never Handle Below the hook lifting devices without the use of No-Touch tooling that can be positioned on the lifting device with a magnetized No-Touch tool. Call Today!

For rigging supplies and rigging related products, Amick Associates should be your number one source. You have our assurance that we, at Amick Associates, will always provide fast, efficient service, competitive prices and never compromise on the quality of our products.
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