Alloy Chain Slings

Alloy Chain Slings

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Grade 800 and 1000 welded and mechanical chain assemblies for all of your overhead lifting needs. RFID ready! Economical Grade 1000 Chain Sling Quick Kits available in all Sling Configurations.


Any Configuration of chain sling type: Single (SOS), Double (DOS), Triple (TOS), and Quadruple (QOS)
Hooks available: Plate, Sling, Foundry, Grab, Stirrup, Mold. If you don't know what you want just sketch it and we will make it. It's that simple.


All standard lifting application and heat to 500 degrees F.


Alkalies and Strong Acids are Harmful to Alloy Chain Material.

All Amick Fabricated Alloy Chain Sling Assemblies, Welded or Mechanical, have an OSHA required 4 times the rated SWL of the assembly design factor.

Grade 800 and 1000 assemblies are available.