Synthetic Web and Round Slings

Synthetic Web and Round Slings

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Heavy duty synthetic web slings, Round Slings (PolyFlex and PowerFlex) fabricated at Amick Associates, Inc. in all lengths, sizes, and configurations.


Web Type: Nylon, Polyester, Vectran Round Sling Type: Polyester and High Strength (HS) Spectra


Used for Non marring applications and Lifts requiring sling medium flexibility. Machine Shops, Amick Safer Wall Barrier Systems, Industrial, Construction, Gas and Oil pipe and fitting tethering.


Limited Heat resistance to 180 degrees F

All Amick Synthetic Web Slings have a Design Factor of 5 times the Safe Work Load limit required by OSHA. Our sling exceed that requirement.

UltraWeb Web Slings

Amick Associates, Inc. offers Ultraweb lifting slings which is one of the strongest abrasion resistant materials available.

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Eye & Eye Flat Web Slings

Eye is formed by folding back the webbing and sewing flat against the sling body.

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Eye & Eye Twist Web Slings

The fabric is turned 180 degrees before sewing to form an eye which lays 90 degrees to the sling body. This allows for easier choking.

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Endless Web Slings

Fabric is overlapped and sewn to form an endless grommet; areas of hook contact may be tapered and reinforced for longer wear.

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Reversed Eye Web Slings

Web sling eye is formed by folding back the webbing and sewing it side by side.

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Triangle-Choker Web Slings

Nylon or Polyester web slings with alloy steel or alloy aluminum end fittings. For use in vertical, choker, and basket hitch applications.

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Triangle-Triangle Web Slings

Choice of several permanently attached fittings of steel or aluminum alloy offers a greater variety of attachments or hitch configurations.

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Wide Lift Basket Web Slings

Special sewn Synthetic Wide Body: light duty or heavy duty, its your pick.

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Amick Multi-Leg Bridles

Polyester or Nylon bridal assemblies are useful whenever the load is equipped with permanent lifting attachments. For such applications, bridal assemblies are light weight, easy to use and economical.

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PolyFlex Round Slings

Amick's Polyflex round sling construction produces outstanding handling and rigging characteristics. The sling body is exceptionally supple, and conforms readily to uneven and oddly shaped loads during a lift.

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Web Shackles and Fittings

Hardware designed exclusively for synthetic sling applications.

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Pads & Wear Protections

Amick Associates, Inc. offers a variety of wear pads, and corner protection for applications where a sharp edge could affect the life of a sling.

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Amick Load Hugger & Truck Tie Down Assemblies

The Amick Load Hugger Tie Down provides a fast, one-hand way to snug down loads — on
pallets, in vans and trucks.

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Powerflex Round Slings

Amick Associates, Inc. fabricates high performance Powerflex Round Slings which are high strength, and low weight. 300,000 LB capacities available.

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