Lifting Slings

Lifting Slings

Amick Associates, Inc. manufactures wire rope slings, alloy chain slings, high performance round slings (Powerflex), synthetic web slings, along with a full line of wear pad protection.

Lifting Slings are at the core of our Business. New assemblies and repair/certification of your lifting slings

Synthetic Web and Round Slings

Heavy duty synthetic web slings, Round Slings (PolyFlex and PowerFlex) fabricated at Amick Associates, Inc. in all lengths, sizes, and configurations.

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Alloy Chain Slings

Grade 800 and 1000 welded and mechanical chain assemblies for all of your overhead lifting needs. RFID ready! Economical Grade 1000 Chain Sling Quick Kits available in all Sling Configurations.

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Steel Mesh Slings

Flexible Amick steel mesh slings bend easily around edges of loads without damage to the load, or the sling.

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Wire Rope Slings

Amick Associates fabricates mechanical, and hand spliced wire rope slings. Chokers and Multi-leg bridles

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