Soft Rope

Soft Rope

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Amick Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of soft ropes including manila, polypropylene, nylon, high performance spectra fiber ropes, Plasma and Vectran for all applications.


Vectran, Polypro, Spectra, Nylon, #1 Grade Manila. 3 Strand, 4 Strand, Hollow Braid.


Construction, Mining (Deep and Surface), River Lines, Toe Ropes, Tag Lines, and Slings and special Assemblies


Heat and Environmental Conditions need to be a Consideration

Amick's first Soft Rope product: Crane Cab Escape Rope Ladders for the Steel Industry

3-Strand Soft Rope

Polypropylene, manila, nylon, and marine rope

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Spectra Fiber Ropes

High strength winch applications.

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